Tu M’énerves

Tu m’énerves.

Yes, you.  You big bully.  YOU.

Hey you, down there. Are you listening?  I’m talking to you.

You think you are so great because you are the biggest and baddest and boldest of the bunch.

You creep.  You slither and slide sight unseen.  Wrap your long tentacles around your unsuspecting victim.                                                                                                                                          S-l-o-w-l-y… gently… At first.

Yo, Brute!   You don’t have permission to kick me in the knee  and  stomp on my foot.  To push me down.  I am just an observer, sitting on the sidelines.

Then YOU come along.

How Irritating.  You make it impossible to think of anything else.  When I sit, YOU  come to mind.   Preparing dinner, and there YOU are again.  Relax with a good book,  and who appears?  Roll over in bed. YOU,  AGAIN! What is this, some long-standing joke?

Hey Life-Disrupter! Don’t you have anything better to do?

Yes, I’m talking to you.  You there,  You Vile Vise.


You. are. on. My. NERVE.

My very last one.

You are nothing but a



in the

Butt. Buttocks.  Bottom.  Bum.  Tush.  Gluteous Maximus.

Oh, you…

Sciatic,  YOU better change your ways!




12 thoughts on “Tu M’énerves

    1. I have an appointment tomorrow. I hope that gentle piriformis stretches will eventually do the trick. The distraction these past 3 days, though, in a room full of very active kiddos. Oh how rough it was! Thanks for reading my writing.


    1. Hi Michelle. Thank you for reading my writing and for taking the time to reply. I am glad you liked the piece, but would like more feedback about the last line, if you don’t mind. How do I improve that?


      1. I meant “That last line, though” as a compliment! (That’s me adopting the slang of my students.) AS I read your poem I loved trying to figure out who the “tu” and “you” and “brute” were… by the time I got to the last line, BOOM. And the whole poem just makes sense.
        Hope you get some relief from the pain!

        Liked by 1 person

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