Before That

The Italian hoagie I had for lunch was loaded with so-called-but-really-only-just-mildly-hot hot peppers. It was delicious, and such a long time since my last one.

Before that, I checked out the bench in front of the building. I really wanted to soak in the sun today, but the bench wasn’t quite long enough for 3. Stayed inside enjoying the company of 2 friends instead.

Before that, the children and I watched a penguin  video clip. I had to fast forward to avoid the part where…I just couldn’t look at death today. The kids tried to make sense of me, and wondered where their teacher had gone.

Before that, my guided reading group was off task. Enough said. The hunger pains and the longing for outside time had kicked in. Right on schedule.

Before that, report cards called my name, just until the moment I  made the fatal mistake of checking my email. Good-bye report cards, hello FOSS kit inventory. So much for building those roller coasters!

Before that, I was hungry so I stealthily snitched some kids’ snacks. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.  How.  I.  l-o-v-e.  Cheez-Its.

Before that, Alyssa and Hasin went above and beyond the requirement. They found all the ways to make $1.75 using the money they had, instead of just 1 way. BRAVO, my chickadees!

Before that, children came rushing into the classroom to see Grandmom.  Makes me laugh since I am too young to be their mother…  🙂

Before that, I was home, enjoying the fluffy omelette, toasted baguette, and strong French coffee lovingly prepared by my Frank. I  so enjoy having breakfast with him before setting off for an intense day at school.  Grateful for this man!

Before that, I sat with the laptop on my legs, Antoinette peering at the screen while I typed out Meaningless, yesterday’s Slice of Life. Tears streaming down my cheeks.

Before that, a restless night…nights are the hardest when the fresh wounds run deep.


20 thoughts on “Before That

    1. SOOO true, Aileen. We need Spring break! I can’t wait to see how the second graders handle this format. I do appreciate that you take the time to read and respond to my writing. BTW, I was sad to see your Twitter post about forgotten people of Africa…but glad you took the time to draw attention to the problem. Happy Friday!

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      1. This has me thinking…did you see the blog about slavery, about how our modern world has enabled slavery to explode in Africa, a country very rich in what we use in so-called developed nations?


  1. Love this format, Maribeth. It really helps you zoom in on the day and notice the small moments. Let us know how it works with kids.


  2. This is a great device for practicing mindfulness…an awareness of the moments of our day that would otherwise be lived and immediately forgotten. And it produced such a wonderful slice. I love learning about how people spend an “average” day. The variety is so amazing!

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    1. Funny you should say that, Barbara. The other day, I did a mindfulness meditation of everything I heard, typing it as I heard it. It was going to be my slice for that day. Unfortunately, I hit the wrong button and it disappeared. It was too late to restart as I had to get ready for work. Maybe that will be one of my slices this weekend. Thank you, Barbara, for reading my writing, and for taking the time again today to respond.


    1. You’re welcome, but I can’t take credit for it. I read another post with the scaffold and thought it was interesting. Am trying it with my second graders. Try it. I think you will really like it!


    1. Posts like that are tough to write. You expose yourself to the elements, often not knowing what the elements are. Do it anyway, because it is cathartic, clarifying, cleansing. This blog has been the best thing I could have done to help purge…Mine was 86 1/2. Her birthday is the 17th. Love her for who she is today for tomorrow is not guaranteed. Kisses to your mother, and warm wishes to you.

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