At First Sight continued

And he responded.

He responded with more words on the page than expected.  More than any other person. He responded poetically. Thoughtfully. Calmly. Elegantly. He responded in a way that  beckoned a response from her. An immediate response.

Immediately, she wrote and wrote and wrote. Click and send.

She felt her excitement grow, and checked her In box.  Nothing.  She waited and waited. Look. Nothing. Wait. Look again. Nothing. Wait. This became her daily ritual. About ready to give up, she saw what she had not-so-patiently been awaiting.  A response from him.

And so it went, three more months of write, write, write, followed by the  e-n-d-l-e-s-s  wait. Write and w-a-i-t.  Write and w-a-i-t.

Approaching the winter holidays, she and a good friend booked a trip  to see college friends who happened to be living near his city.  They decided to take a day trip to check out the sights. In his city,  there was plenty to do and see and eat and drink. One knew her way around his city, having been there a few times before. The other was game. It was settled and they bought train tickets.

She tested the waters.  She gave him the date they would be there.

He responded with his work phone number so she could call upon arrival in his city…

Arriving at the train station in his city, she asked to borrow her friend’s cell.  Her friends wanted to know who she knew in the city, but she didn’t respond. After confirming that she would be making a local call, her friend handed over the phone.

And, nervously, she dialed…








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