It’s Monday

It’s Monday and I am t.i.r.e.d. We arrived home after nine last night after a fun day in NYC with Etienne. After reading comments about yesterday’s post, I head to bed. There isn’t enough green tea in the world to quiet my racing mind.

It’s Monday and conferences have begun.  I enjoy meeting with the parents to explain how much growth their student has achieved so far this year, and explain that there is still so much to do in the last trimester of school. These parents are open and honest. They know their children well. They are thrilled with the growth they have seen, and promise to work on minor setbacks.  It is a great start to a long three days.

It’s Monday and I forgot to pack a lunch. I rush over to the Quick Shop where I find other teachers who have had the same Monday morning. We chat for a few minutes, unwinding before the afternoon’s rush of endless meetings, and talk about the upcoming break.

It’s Monday and I neglected to write and post my lesson plans for the week in their proper file.  Again.

It’s Monday, the start of the rat race, but I choose not to enter it.

It’s Monday, my day at the chiropractor. The muscles surrounding my  occipital nerve are shortened, sore, giving me headaches. I make the connection between all of the sitting I am doing at the laptop, and leaning forward, but I am not willing to give up my writing. Not. for. anything.

It’s Monday and I read the new SOL posts for today.  Direction. Inspiration. Motivation. Where are you? And then I see it, and I’m hooked… It’s Monday! What are you reading? 

It’s Monday, just like most others.


Thank you, Mrs. Taylor’s Tales for Monday’s inspiration!





14 thoughts on “It’s Monday

  1. Hopefully Monday night you will sleep and be rested for Tuesday. I could see using this format for an entire week. (Just a thought.) Conferencing days are incredibly long and draining, so sit back, enjoy a beverage of your choice (at home) and don’t fret the small stuff.

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  2. Nice format.. I feel your urgency about things that need attention. I used to feel that way, too. As though the weekend was to get me ready for Monday! It’s Monday, but I have had an ok day so far; reading and commenting on posts; doing errands; taking a walk in the park in spite of the wind today; returning home to make the beef stew I didn’t get to yesterday; sitting down again to more posts and more commenting. A day in the life of a retiree. Somehow, it never seems less busy; just different.


  3. Maribeth, I hope you can adjust the ergonomics of your workstation so that you are not leaning forward so much that it exacerbates your pain! Wonderful Monday slice. I may use this for Notebook Time for my students. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Michelle. This is from the so-called smart board and all of the time writing this month in the SOL challenge. The contrast between It’s Monday and It’s Friday would be interesting!


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