It All Started With Goobers

A few times a year, especially at Easter, my parents would make the factory run to Bridgeport to stock up.  They would come home with bags and bags of rejects, but they were good enough for us.

Almond Bark.





And more…

They never lasted very long. The five of us kids scarfed them down fairly quickly. But we each had our favorites, and my favorites were Goobers and Raisinettes. I still love them to this day, more for the memories they evoke than the waxy taste in each mouthful.

Over time, my  taste buds have become more developed. Selective. Evolved.

Today, I am more interested in the bean, the textures, the richness and depth and character.

Today, I prefer to enjoy mine with an espresso or a bold red. Both change the quality and dimension and extend the lingering effects.

Chili pepper. A touch of sea salt.  A layer of ganache inside.

Intense orange. Pomegranate. Lychee.

Today, I enjoy dark. The darker and richer the better.

72%.  85%.  90%.

It’s all good.

A single square or in pastry and cakes.

Dark chocolate covered waffles. Pain au chocolat. Grilled chocolate sandwiches.

Opéra.  Mousse.  Flourless chocolate cake.

I love it all.

And it all started with Goobers.








8 thoughts on “It All Started With Goobers

  1. I can’t say Goobers were responsible for my favoring of chocolate. Not quite sure where I developed the hunger for chocolate, but now milk chocolate is meh, it is the dark that I savor melting in my mouth. Yum!


    1. It is a different type of post for me this time. lad you like it. Now everyone has to go for a chocolate run. I want to run to target for some Lindt bars. I have a baguette at the ready for tomorrow’s breakfast: grilled chocolate baguette. Haven’t had that in a while. Yum!


  2. It seems like all women “of a certain age” crave and love chocolate. Must be hormonal in some way. But if you gotta’ crave somethin’ , chocolate seems as good as anything…probably even better. Who doesn’t love it? Just placed my order for Trader Joe’s for a few chocolate bars to be enjoyed selectively and slowly….

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