From Goûter to Déjeuner

That day in February, so long ago, was cold and blustery and snowy.  As the flurries turned into inches on the ground, the thought of something comforting came to mind.  She opened the fridge to find it empty.  Next up, the cupboards. While there was food to be eaten, nothing was calling her like the taste of her mother’s soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Back to the fridge for another look. Bread, check. Cheese?  No response. No cheese.  Nothing to grill between two pieces of bread was to be found in that fridge. It was          e-m-p-t-y.  In the middle of a blizzard. No chance of getting to the market.

But wait, she thought.   What if I grill chocolate instead? It can’t be worse than marmite between two slices of bread, she whispered to herself.  Without much of a choice, it was settled:  grilled chocolate sandwiches.

First, she pullout out the chocolate.  She chose her chocolate based upon the bitterness of the day:


She cut the baguette into slices, enough for three mini sandwiches, and then spread  salted butter on them.

From there, she carefully place the buttered slices into a greased frying pan.  She broke 3 chocolate squares into odd-size pieces and placed them on top. The chocolate was sandwiched between slices of bread.  When she could smell the chocolate melting, she  flipped over the sandwiches, being careful not to let the bread slip apart and lose all that deliciousness melting inside.

After a few more minutes, and a firm press on the top of each one to ensure the squares were melted, she turned off the gas and removed them from the pan. Lunch was served!



16 thoughts on “From Goûter to Déjeuner

  1. Now that is a deadly combination! Decadence to the max! Love the chocolate was selected to match the bitterness of the day. You have such the way with words. I think I’m afraid to try this because it may ruin me (and what little waistline I have) for life. Scrumptious posting today!

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  2. Affirmative. Definitely decadent. In small doses, a few times a year, and your waistline should be fine! :-)Thank you for the compliment. I hadn’t even realized I did that in the piece. Happy Saturday, Elsie!


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