Turn Around and Look



look at me.

I’m over here.

Raise your head

high ,


above the rest.

Crane that lo-n-g


of yours in

my direction.

Smiling face



for I am

your one

and only




Photos from the French countryside



16 thoughts on “Turn Around and Look

  1. Very nice–love how sunflowers turn to the light. What a great reminder to us all to turn to face the light, the beauty, the good (instead of all that other stuff that will clog our pores and brains and hearts)! Your slice was a great start to my day.

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  2. Turnesol is one of my favorite French words. It describes sunflowers ever so perfectly, doesn’t it?
    I loved in SW France for a summer, amudst fields of sunflowers. Your poem brought me right back to that time and place.


    1. I loved meandering through the country roads en Bourgogne, with no specific objective, only to find ourselves in field after field of tournesols. I had to get out of the car often to run through the flowers that were taller than me (and I am not short!). I have the same reaction when drive past field after field of colza, mustard, that seems to spring up out of nowhere for me to enjoy along the way…Thank you for responding to my poem; I am glad it brought you back to France…


  3. Yes, this is exactly what the sunflower is saying. I’ve been on a barge trip in France and was mesmerized by the fields of sunflowers we passed. But they always seemed to be facing away from the camera. This poem is perfect for Easter morning, but then you already knew that. 🙂

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  4. J’aime beaucoup votre poeme des tournesols aujourd’hui! I, too, am a francophile and a lover of sunflowers…all flowers actually. Yes, the light is becoming more pronounced, even here in the northeast. Sitting outside right now as I blog in the remaining rays of the afternoon. Bonne Paques!


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