Freedom’s Many Meanings

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What does freedom mean to you?

What does it imply?

Is it a right, is it free?

What is the price you are willing to pay for your liberty?

Can you be free, yet be without resources, dependent on others?

Does freedom exist where discrimination reigns?

Does your freedom come at the expense of someone else’s freedom?

If you have to change your name, to hide your truth to live your life, are your truly free?

Is freedom living a life without debt and obligations and attachements?

Or is freedom something simpler, such as the right to say what you want, whenever you want, and to whomever you please?

Is freedom being able to praise and worship the way you want, or be a nonbeliever,  without risk of persecution?

Is it the right to bear arms?

Do you live in a free country?

Is freedom worth the fight?

What does freedom mean to you?

This above quote from Emma Lazarus was  our opening to a recent, provocative visit to Philadelphia’s National Museum of American Jewish History.

The Museum, situated right next to Independence Mall,  highlights the diverse backgrounds, expectations, and experiences of Jews who came to and made their homes in the United States. It explores  how and when Jews immigrated, their choices and challenges, and the ways in which they shaped, and were shaped by, their lives in America.

Each floor of the exhibit addresses different times in the history of American Jews, beginning in 1654 – Present.  It ends with a question:

What   does   freedom   mean   to   you? 

The next time you are in The City of Brotherly Love, take the time to explore this idea at the  National   Museum  of   American   Jewish   History.


4 thoughts on “Freedom’s Many Meanings

  1. We say we live in a country based on freedom, but do we really? Very thought provoking as I consider all the aspects of what does freedom truly mean. Sounds like a fascinating museum to visit. I don’t think anyone is ever totally free, there will always be aspects of life that chain one. Some are norms of society, religion, and just personal beliefs.

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    1. That was the theme that continued to echo through my head as we moved throughout the exhibits. We are, but are we really free? What determines that? Are we free if we don’t have expectations? This is a museum that is to be visited over and over. And the gift shop, oh, the gift shop…!


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