Any One of Us

What would you do

if you were faced with a decision

where doing nothing, letting it ride,

 could kill you

as easily as doing something, having the test?

What would you do,

if this was you?


What would you feel

if you learned, in a letter,

that someone you love, adore,  is


in a letter?

What would you feel,

if this was you?


What would you say

if you were from a large family

all living within a ten mile radius of home

yet the majority of the care-giving

was left to you?

What would you say,

if this was you?


What would you think

if you went back home


only to see that

someone had entered

and taken, taken,  taken?

What would you think,

if this was you?


What would you respond

if you suffered and endured

multiple betrayals and losses

and then you learned that

your most valued



What would you respond,

if this was you?


What would you taste

if you learned the people you

love most have


the door on


What would you taste,

if this was you?


What would you

do and feel and

say and think and

respond and taste?

If this was you?

If this was any one of us?



©Maribeth Batcho 2016  All Rights Reserved

Just me trying to make sense of the world…





8 thoughts on “Any One of Us

  1. This post breaks my heart and happens so often. I had a friend that had to go to an estate sale to buy back a treasured gift from her grandmother. Another friend had her mother’s things hidden from her in storage. Why? is another question. So brave of you to post these very real, raw feelings.

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    1. Hi Vanessa! Hope you are having a lovely Sunday. I appreciate that you read the piece this morning. The writing was not intended to hurt anyone, though I can see how emotions might come to the surface from reading it. It’s funny how I didn’t see the emotions as raw, but instead as a numbness. What is it that comes across to you when you read it?


  2. I am having a lovely Sunday. I wasn’t hurt, but do understand that many families react this way and struggle with how to communicate with each other. Families have jealousy and greed. I think the very frank use of the language of someone dying and finding out in such an impersonal manner were the phrases that came across strongly to me. Your words reached out and touched me in a good way.


    1. Thank you for the clarification, Vanessa. It is interesting how people who come from the same gene pool can be on vastly different levels of development. I am happy to hear that the words touched in a positive manner. I am “Unleashing ” as a way to make sense of the world.
      A bientôt!

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