Look closely, observe

the present in my presence

Pause. Really see me.

Each new day unfolds

whirlwind and breathless until

she whispers, “Stop. Look.”




Photos and words by Maribeth Batcho.

The hybrid peony photos were taken of the same bush in my garden.  The photos were taken on different days this past week, at approximately the same time of the day, when weather conditions differed drastically. With exception of the image on the bottom left side, the photos are of the same flower.

©Maribeth Batcho      All Rights Reserved


4 thoughts on “Breathe

    1. Happy Sunday Elsie! Isn’t that peony something!? We have had it for about 5 years or so and every year it looks different. Tht line is my favorite as well. The other 2 lines in the top piece (not sure why the spaces aren’t showing up between the two) were built around that one, and were trashed several times before I ‘settled.’

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  1. That is an amazing study. The flower changed so much from day to day. Words are perfect especially for a peony whose fragrance commands attention. My bush is still in bud. I can’t wait for the blooms.

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    1. The most vivid image was the first photo taken. It almost looks like a watercolor…
      This peony saved me last week. It was a rough one. The end is near, but not near enough! Thanks for taking a peek today. Hope your peony brings the same pleasures to you that mine has brought to me.

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