This in an interesting bilingual piece about an important man in American history who was virtually unknown in his native France.




Romantique avant les Romantiques

Romantic before the Romantics

Aventurier avant d’être Révolutionnaire

Adventurer before Revolutionary

Démocrate et Royaliste

Democrat and Royalist

Célébré et Méconnu

Celebrated yet Unknown


Méconnu en France, trop aristrocrate

Unknown in France, too aristocratic

Célébré aux Etats Unis, comme un héros

Celebrated in the United States, as a hero

Aventurier fortuné poussant les frontières,

Wealthy adventure seeker pushing frontiers

Il risque sa vie pour une Terre inconnue.

He risked his life for an unknown land.

De son ami Washington,

Of his friend Washington

Il devint Général,

He became General

De son ami Washington,

Of his friend Washington

Il fut le fils

He was Son



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7 thoughts on “Lafayette

      1. I did, of course I left a comment. 🙂 My favorite part: Un après midi froid et neigeux à Paris, Mon rendez-vous avec Maribeth. Now that’s romantic!

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  1. Lafayette appears as a major character in one of the books from the Outlander series. He is written about very affectionately and as a great supporter of the American cause. This is an interesting blog and I like the format.

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