Painted Ladies

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“THEY’RE MARRYING!” squealed Cloe.

Finished marrying!



Painted Lady release party, May 18, 2016

©Maribeth Batcho

All Rights Reserved


Take a Stroll

If you took a stroll

down the halls

of the school

in which  I teach

you would see

the beauty of


you would see

green and blue tie-dyed earths

colorful rainbows

insect life cycles.


you would see

computer interpretations

of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

books and artwork about musicians

music and instruments

hand molded ceramic bowls inscribed with short verse or rhyme,

like Dave the Potter did.


you would  see

thinking through


hand maps


Come to poems

Spring acrostic poems.


and these

you would also see

hanging outside of

my classroom, room 53:

Daria pink

Kaia pink poem

Hasin informational

addison informational

david informational

Alisa informational
This student moved from Belarus to the United States at the beginning of this school year. When I first met her at the end of August 2015, she spoke 7 words in English. Look at her now!

 the beauty of

the creation

up and down the halls

as you strolled and


at the walls

is what you would see.

©Maribeth Batcho