Bring me my spear

I have no words again today, so I reblog a poem by Jane Dougherty, who lives in France, and wrote this piece this morning. Cette merde hits very close to home…


Jane Dougherty Writes

To borrow and paraphrase Blake’s words. I don’t have enough of my own left.


I will not cease from mental fight,

Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,

Till we have built fraternity,

In every green and pleasant land.

I will not pray for others’ sins,

Nor will I hide, but take a stand,

To lighten ignorance in our midst,

That darkness never raise its hand.

I will not turn the other cheek,

Nor forgive those who maim and kill,

I will denounce their ugly creed,

Justice must win, one day it will.

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La Seine en hiver, vue du Pont d’Arcole. Ile de la Cité est à gauche. The Seine in winter, viewed from the Arcole bridge. City Island , the original city of Paris, is on the left.