La Seine en hiver, vue du Pont d’Arcole. Ile de la Cité est à gauche. The Seine in winter, viewed from the Arcole bridge. City Island , the original city of Paris, is on the left.

11 thoughts on “Lumière

  1. Le lieu de ma naissance…of course, I had to use Google translator for that phrase, since we left when I was six months old and my high school French is a bit rusty.

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    1. I remember that night very well. I have a few others that were taken shortly afterwards, where the lights are the show. But this is Paris. They call it The City of Lights for a very good reason:-) Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my wordless post of a thousand words!


  2. I have walked across that bridge many times on my way to the old city for dinner. This is a spectacular photo and has filled my heart with many happy memories this morning. I have a poster hanging in my kitchen of all the places in the Il de Cite.

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    1. It is beautiful, and taken with just a regular camera. The entire city is one piece of candy after another, but there is something about the lights in this shot…
      Have not been in the city in too long due to family obligations near Disney (Champs) as well as argeles sur mer. We miss each other;-)

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