Without you

the first flowers that push up from the warming earth

open windows letting in the first, fresh spring air

Saint Patrick’s Day green

are Meaningless.


Without you

the funny things the kids say and do

road trips to Parx and AC

the early end to my day

are Meaningless.


Without you

the Chinese buffet in Plymouth Meeting

pizza from Riviera d’Italia

Bonnet Lane breakfasts

are Meaningless.


Without you

there is a chasm

a great void

that I am struggling to fill

making life feel Meaningless.





12 thoughts on “Meaningless

  1. I felt your loss in my gut when I read this. Given your zest for life that I’ve experienced from reading your posts, I know that in time you will regain your balance. But for now, I honor your sadness and that you took the time to share something so deeply personal with us.

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  2. You shared a lot of life’s joys with this person; it only makes sense the grief would be as deep. My condolences; I hope one day you can look at these reminders again with a smile, albeit a sad one, I’m sure.


    1. Thanks for the expression of sympathy. I view this month-long challenge as an opportunity to do what my husband, my mentor, and a very good friend of mine(Lynne Dorfman) have been trying to convince me to do for 10 years: write. It took the toughest year of my life to push me to this blog and this challenge. It is a kind of purging, purification process, and that means all topics are fair game. I have been, quite literally, writing what I am feeling at the moment. No holds barred.There are only 4 people on this forum whom I know personally, so it feels safe…BTW, I read and respond to your posts almost every day, but your blogspot page doesn’t like my address. Most of the time I comment anonymously. Thanks for reading. Thanks for responding. Thanks for your sympathies.


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