Better in the Bahamas (NOT!)


Attracted by the South of France, by all that Fodor’s, Lonely Planet, Michelin Guide, and Frommer’s say it has to offer?

Think Rick Steves and Trip Advisor are experts when it comes to travel, and especially travel to France?

Sérieusement.  Think again. They have it all wrong…

The region is just a bunch of tiny non-descript villages sandwiched between the Pyrénées and the Méditerranée…

Don’t believe me?  See for yourself…


Have a sophisticated palate?  You might want to go somewhere else then.  Les spécialités are les anchois.  Who likes anchovies?  Too salty!

The other options aren’t much better:




And the food…trop cher.  A 3 course lunch, with an apéro and a banyuls for 16 euros? RIDICULE! 20151230_123745

What is this whole thing the French have with cheese…oh, the smells, the dirty-sock smells…ça pu!


I’ll take some American cheese any day over this selection!

No sights to see either. No lansdscapes, or museums or boutiques or buildings worthy of a look…




They say some famous artistes were inspired by this region.  Pourquoi?  I have no idea…




 After all, the place is overrun by cats:


The one on the right is so revered, he even has his own Facebook page. Can you imagine??  (Le Chat d’Argèles)

 And this thing, what is this thing…



Oui, c’est plus joli au Bahamas!




@Maribeth Batcho 2016



5 thoughts on “Better in the Bahamas (NOT!)

    1. You’re welcome! 😉 Frank is one of my very favorite places in the world, and this area is where my in-laws live so I go often. The photos, although beautiful and moody, don’t do this part of the country justice. Maybe you can take a trip when you are feeling better, as a sort of reward after the struggle!


  1. I love France, but haven’t seen enough of it. My husband travels by his stomach in France. One pastry shop after another. We did a barge trip once through southern France, ended in Lyons. Loved every little town we stopped at! However, it is so expensive. (Love your French phrases interspersed)


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