Mindful Morning

Ten minutes of presence.  I can do this.

The soft purr, purrrr, purrrrrr of Antoinette as she lays on my lap

A cool draft blowing across my lower legs

Ringing in my ears…hmmm…hmmmmm…hmmmmmm

That’s annoying.

Quiet cracked by intermittent, excitable words spoken in French

Slam of a car door in the distance

Empty mind

We should get started on the garden.

I have to do my ball and chain neck extensions.

Nose tickle

Ouai, mais l’anti-virus…

Drone of the microwave

Rich aroma of strong brewing coffee

My head is forward

Cold fingers

Ting, tinnggg, tiinnngggg.









9 thoughts on “Mindful Morning

    1. Thank you Erika. I call it the ball and chain because that is what it looks like. It is a 7 pound baseball sized ball weight attached to a sort of belt that I use to restore the natural curve in my neck, out of whack thanks to too much bending over at work and on the computer. Uncomfortable, but only when out of practice.


  1. It’s hard to find quiet time and space to be mindful, isn’t it? The only way I ever get it done is before dawn…and then I have to fight falling back to sleep while being still in my chair.


  2. Love the cat sounds. They put me in the moment with you. And I sympathize with the need to do exercises in the morning. I have mine for my back.


    1. Thank you for reading and for responding, Michelle. My ten minutes this morning was a great start to my day, and reminded me that I should start this way every day! Happy Saturday to you!


    1. Isn’t it?! That’s the beauty of it…the stream of consciousness using all senses…I think I am going to address the ball and chain in a separate post. It keeps coming up in my slices…Happy Saturday to you, and many thanks for reading and responding, Elsie!


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