From Goobers to Goûter

It’s true that it all started with Goobers,

It’s also true that a chocolate evolution has taken place,

And true that this chocolate evolution was spurred on the day one of my students, Colleen Santry, came into my third grade classroom with a curious snack, a snack I had never seen before, and thought bizarre…

It’s also true that Colleen’s mother, though American, spoke fluent, enviable French, and that she only spoke to her children in French from birth, and she exposed them to as much of French culture as possible living in our neck of the woods,  enabling Colleen and her brother to be bilingual and as bicultural as possible.

And it’s true, I was to learn later, that this curious snack was-and still is-a favorite among little French kids for their petit goûter.

The truth is, I didn’t get it.

Until I tried it

b0147277e1907ab5c1b37a84b92de0baImagine a baguette, bien croustillant, soft on the inside, with your favorite squares of chocolate inside.

Now take a bite…

baguette’s outer crustiness,

soft and airy inside,

a bit of saltiness,

and the firm snap of sweet chocolate…


W-O-W!   Who would have guessed…

And the truth is, I got it. I get it.

I have been inspired by it ever since that first taste of a French petit goûter.

Try it,

You will be turned on by it, too!



Thinking of you, Ralph!


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